About Us

What Do I Do? When a loved one has died and you’re left with a mountain of decisions.

‘What do I do’ is a resource you can use to tackle all the tasks you’ll need immediately and throughout the next few months.

If you want us to take care of all the planning, research and paperwork – we can!

We understand how difficult things are for you right now.

The Team at What Do I Do?

Our aim is to bridge the gap between the legal, funeral, financial & emotional services of clients.

“Having worked in both the legal and internet industry for the past 20 years, I noticed that when a person is at the greatest time of need, and experiencing the lowest of the lows, the relevant information is simply not readily available.

Not only that, but trying to decipher the complex legalities and the competitive landscape for funeral services and financial services – a person is left feeling drained and confused, and may not make the most informed decision due to time constraints and emotions.”

That’s why the team at What Do I Do are a consortium of people carefully chosen for their various skill-sets and experience.

“Today’s consumers are doing lots of research before picking up the phone, this is changing the way that lawyers, funeral directors, financial advisors and to an extent, grief counsellors have traditionally operated.  Customers are pre-qualified, have more choice and each ‘event’ is generally settled quicker.

We understand what people are searching, how they are searching, when and where they are searching.”

Alysia McIntyre, our founder, felt passionate to simplify the process of “filing a life”, and making a resource that will assist people locally (and indeed around the globe).  Having lost her own father interstate and having to start from scratch trying to locate if a Will had been made through to trying to investigate bank accounts, subscriptions, and organise a funeral all in the space of a week!!   

Understanding the enormity and all-encompassing pain associated with death of a loved one, her resolve to work in an industry with a heart was further magnified when in 2011 she was faced with her own mortality by narrowly surviving an aneurysm of the aorta, and undergoing emergency open-heart surgery.   

Her mission is to streamline what is possibly the most brutal time in anyone’s life, in a compassionate and efficient way, whilst ensuring that your loved ones legacy, dignity and treasured information is never forgotten.