The Price We Pay

Of the many complaints levelled at the Australian Funeral Industry over the last 20 years or so, by far the largest from consumers and community groups have concerned the rising cost of funerals and how they are paid for. The Cost of Funerals Investigations by a number of organisations including the University of Wollongong (2017),… Read more »

Ashes to Ashes: What can I do with cremation ashes?

What else can you do with them? I bumped into one of my closest neighbours the other day; not an unusual occurrence.  What was rather unique about the meeting was that after a pleasant greeting she went on to tell me how she had just arranged for her late husband’s ashes to be made into… Read more »

Leaving Your Body to Science: The Ultimate Gift

Have you ever considered leaving your body to science?  It’s something people often joke about.  But can you?  How do you do it?  Who would want it?  What happens if you do? Donating your body (or cadaver as it is medically known) to scientific research and experimentation after death can be a viable option if… Read more »

Please Bring Flowers

It’s Saturday morning. I am curled up on my lounge in my PJ’s perusing my local paper.  A fresh breeze from the balcony is keeping me cool.  I’ve flipped through the local news, quickly glanced at a few ads and have now reached the classified section, more specifically the death notices: an ideal place to… Read more »

A daughters eulogy

I clutched the bundle of handwritten notes tightly in my hands.  For the last half-an-hour people had been streaming in but now the chapel was quiet and all eyes were focused on the Celebrant welcoming everyone to the Funeral and Celebration of Life of my much-loved, recently departed father. It’s curious that, apart from weddings,… Read more »