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Armstrong Legal specialises exclusively in Criminal Law, Family Law and Contested Wills matters retaining 31 solicitors overall, with accredited specialists in each of those areas. This combined experience within the legal system should provide assurance that your matter will receive the attention it deserves, and that it will be dealt with in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Criminal Law

Our firm handles over 1000 criminal and traffic cases per year and each of our criminal lawyers attend court on an almost daily basis. One of the advantages of using a criminal law firm with a team of specialists is that we often obtain successful outcomes because of our expertise in the field.

Criminal charges can have serious consequences on all aspects of your life. Most people who seek our advice are charged with offences that result in severe penalties including a custodial sentence.

We handle a wide range of criminal cases, including assault, affray, drugs, firearms, stealing, sexual assault, computer offences, drink driving, negligent driving, dangerous driving and license appeals.


Family Law

Offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Canberra

Armstrong Legal is Australia’s pre-eminent Family Law firm. We have an approachable team of specialist family lawyers who are highly experienced in relation to property matters, child custody disputes, separation and divorce. We deal with the process of separation on a daily basis and our lawyers understand that separation can be a traumatic and uncertain time.

Uniquely, we also have available the expertise of our criminal law team for cases that involve domestic violence or other breaches of the law. This can give us a strategic advantage over other family law firms in how your case may be prepared and presented.

We welcome people with family legal problems to come and talk to us informally about their needs. We’ll give you a simple outline of the legal aspects of your situation and recommend what steps you could take next, if and when you’re ready to proceed. Your first appointment is without obligation and there’s no fee if you decide not to proceed.

If you do go ahead, you can decide how involved you want to be at every stage and how much you’d like us to do for you.


Contested Wills

Offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra & Newcastle

Our wills and estates team ensure processes are adhered to for the timely and proficient representation of cases for our clients.We offer a FREE assessment of your case and a *NO Win No FEE policy (*Terms and Conditions Apply).

Contesting a will can often be a very emotional area of law and we are all very aware that often there is a certain amount of stress involved in these disputes. For best results we work with each client in a step by step process with the aim of achieving a just, quick and cheap resolution of all matters.

The law relating to contesting wills can be complex and confusing. Nothing is black or white. There are exceptions to every rule and no two cases are ever the same.

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Carer of a dementia patient what do i do

One of the toughest jobs you can ever do is to watch the decline of a loved one to a mental disease.  More so, when you are the full-time carer and you have to contend with everything from toilet and washing duties to sometimes physical and verbal abuse.  It can be rewarding, but soul-destroying is another term that could be used.

But what is it like for the dementia patient themselves?  Are they aware of their surroundings?  Do they know when they are being mistreated or worse … neglected?

In a recent case (as reported by AAP/SBS), a Coroner cries over 83yo’s ‘tragic’ death, an elderly mother had been left to ‘deteriorate’ under the apparent care of one of her 3 daughters.  Once it was discovered that her 83yo mother had in fact passed away, her daughter shut the door and carried on like her mother was still alive.

Noreen Peacock had been diagnosed with having advanced dementia in 2010 and had not seen a doctor since this diagnosis.  Three years later, her body was found by a real estate agent at the home she shared with her youngest daughter in Sydneys Northern Suburbs.

The Deputy State Coroner described the case as “extraordinarily sad” highlighting the failures of Noreen’s daughters to support each other.

dementia carer what do i doIn the Kellyville home, a significant amount of empty wine bottles were also found suggesting the increasing dependance of alcohol from Melissa.

At the time of Noreen’d death, she would not have weighed more than 37 kilograms.

“There was no one in the outside world … keeping watch over Mrs Peacock or the care she was being given,” The Coroner, Ms Freund said.

Whilst the primary care resided on just one of the daughters, the other family members should have discussed a plan, or make inquiries as to how Melissa was coping.  “Melissa was left to flounder and the consequence was extreme,” said Ms Freund.

In this case, a charge was made for operating an account without authority (fraud), as well as failing to report a death.  No conviction was recorded as she was dealt with under the Mental Health Act.

If you find yourself being the primary carer for a dementia patient it is essential to keep in contact with the community – family members, neighbours, health care facilities, counselling.


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Help Me Through

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Carer of a dementia patient what do i do