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Gouldson Legal is one of the most trusted Personal Injury Law firms in Queensland. We operate on a No Win, No Fee basis for every client, every case. Our expert lawyers are on hand to review your case, for free! Give our team a call today for a confidential chat about your accident or injury.

Gouldson Legal is one of the most trusted Personal Injury Law firms in Queensland. We value our clients and know that legal proceedings are never easy. That is why we operate on a No Win, No Fee basis for every client, every case.

Your peace of mind and recovery are our main concerns, we are compensation lawyers who focus on our clients. We don’t represent cases. We represent people.

We take pride in a job well done, for us that means getting you the best possible result. We work harder and smarter to get the best result for you. Not us. You.

Sometimes it is difficult to know exactly in which area of personal injury law your claim falls. Was the car accident on your way to work? Should you be looking at car accident injury or work injury? We can help.

Our team of expert lawyers can assist you with;

  • Work Accident claims
  • Car Accident claims including; Pedestrian injuries,Motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, bicycle accidents and any other injury caused by a vehicle
  • Public Place Accident claims including Sexual Assaults, Domestic Accidents, Physical Assaults, Dog Attacks, Slips or Falls,School Accidents, Playground Accidents, Amusement Venue Accidents, Food Poisoning, Recreational and Sporting Accidents, Aviation Accidents, Diving Accidents, Product Liability involving Defective Products and other injuries caused in a public place
  • Criminal Compensation claims
  • Death Dependency claims
  • Superannuation disability injury claims

Work Accident Claims

The basicsIf you have sustained a work injury you may be entitled to workers compensation benefits to cover loss of wages, medical expenses and rehabilitation costs. You may also be entitled to seek damages.

You must act quickly to lodge an application for compensation with WorkCover Queensland or the relevant self insurer to secure wage payments and payment of your medical expenses.

What can I claim for?Your entitlement to wages and medical expenses will continue as long as you have medical certification or until an independent doctor suggests that you can return to work and need no more medical treatment.

At the conclusion of your statutory claim with WorkCover Queensland you will likely be offered an amount of lump sum compensation which is calculated in reference to the level of permanent impairment assessed for your injury by a doctor.

If you are offered lump sum compensation for your work injury it is imperative that you seek legal advice. This offer will come in the form of a letter from the insurer with an attached Notice of Assessment setting out the assessment of impairment and offering a certain sum of money. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING until you have spoken to Gouldson Legal. You may well be forfeiting a right to claim significantly more by way of compensation.

Damages claimIn most cases you CANNOT accept the insurer’s offer of compensation and then ALSO go on and commence a claim for damages against your employer. Even if you don’t think you have a basis to commence a claim, it is imperative that you ask us for our advice. Remember we do this day in day out, and may look at your case in a different way to you.

If you can prove that your work injury was caused by the employer, by a co-worker’s negligence or in some other way where it was not your fault, you may be entitled to significant damages to compensate you for the way in which the injury impacts on your life.

Time limitsStrict time limits apply (3 years from the date you sustained injury) so you should contact Gouldson Legal as soon as possible. Complicated steps need to be taken, so contact us well ahead of the 3 year time limit.

Types of injuries

  • Stress / or psychiatric / psychological injuries
  • Back injuries / neck injuries
  • Arm injuries / hand or finger injuries
  • Leg injuries / foot or toe injuries
  • Head / eye injuries
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Scarring / burn injuries

Car Accident Compensation

Have you suffered an injury in a car accident and want advice over how to process a claim?

If you have suffered injuries in a car accident and you are not to blame for causing the accident (i.e. you were a passenger or another vehicle caused the accident), you may have a right to claim compensation. This might include:

  • Loss of wage
  • Medical expenses
  • Physiotherapy / rehabilitation costs
  • Damages for pain and suffering
  • Compensation for future loss of earning potential
  • Compensation for future medical treatment / rehabilitation expenses
  • The accident must be reported to police. You must seek medical treatment for your injury.

Strict time limits apply, so you should contact Gouldson Legal as soon as possible. Being affected by a car accident can cause you significant stress, pain, suffering and emotional trauma. Having to deal with insurance companies after such a tragedy can often make things even worse. Here are some handy hints and useful information which may make the claims process easier to bear.

The Basics

There are some things you can do to make the claims process easier and cost less for you. These are:

  1. Be sure to get the name and address of the driver at fault;
  2. Get the registration plate number, make and model of the car at fault;
  3. Report the accident to and get a reference number from the police
  4. Get the names and addresses of any witnesses to the accident;
  5. Take some photographs/make a sketch plan of the accident scene.

Even if you cannot get all of this information together, it is important that you contact us as soon as possible after the accident. Acting quickly can sometimes help to preserve important evidence.

Time Limits

It is also important to make sure that you lodge your claim within 9 months of the accident date or within 1 month of consulting a solicitor, otherwise you might have to explain your delay. If you don’t lodge court proceedings within three years from the accident date, then you will lose forever your right to claim. If you cannot identify the car at fault then you should contact us immediately. If a car cannot be identified or if its registration has lapsed, then you only get 3 months from the accident date to lodge your claim forms. If lodged later than this, you have to explain your delay and if you don’t lodge the forms within 9 months from the accident date, you will lose forever your right to claim.


We have Car Accident Lawyers, Workers Compensation Lawyers, and everything in between! If you are searching for No Win No Fee Lawyers in Brisbane, you don’t need to look any further. Call us today!

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