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Brisbane's Experts in Criminal Law, we will hear your side and protect your rights and liberty.

Experts in Criminal Law, we will:

  • Clear your confusion
  • Hear your side
  • Protect your rights and liberty
  • Advance your case

Inspired by the Active Defence philosophy, we provide a level of service and thorough preparation rarely found in Queensland. A revolution in criminal defence practice began in England in the mid-1990s, resulting in widespread adoption of Active Defence practices. We are applying the lessons learned in England to set new standards of best practice in Queensland.

Traditionally, defence lawyers used passive tactics. “Let’s wait for the evidence”, “It’s best to tell us nothing for now”, “Don’t ask a question if you don’t already know the answer.” There were good reasons for these strategies. After all, the person accused does not have to prove their innocence. The prosecution must prove guilt and prove it beyond all reasonable doubt. All too often these strategies become an excuse for inaction and delay. Sitting back, saying nothing and waiting might seem safe, but it can also harm the defence of an innocent client.

The right to silence is an important protection for an accused person. But it is not always best to stay silent. A powerful statement in interview can sometimes put an end to the investigation. It may also sway a jury if the case goes to trial (and avoid any need for the accused to stand in the witness box and be cross-examined).

We believe:

  • Solicitors should be active and present at the police station and intervene in interviews when necessary.
  • Case preparation should be early and intensive.
  • The risks and benefits of any action should be explained to the clients who always make the final decision.
  • Work should only be performed by qualified solicitors, or under their close and regular supervision.
  • A solicitor must never be a post office, simply passing paper to a barrister.
  • A solicitor must brief Counsel early; ideally as soon as the depositions are received. Counsel and the client should have met to discuss the case well before an indictment is presented.
  • No-one should ever feel bullied into pleading Guilty or Not Guilty.

Lawyers are servants and advisers. Clients are their masters and deciders. A solicitor should always respect a client’s final decision.


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