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Saal & Associates Lawyers is a law firm based in Bardon, Queensland. We’ve represented clients on a variety of complicated legal issues since 1989 and have developed a reputation for our skill in successfully dealing with large lawsuits. Today, we specialise in property law, construction law, corporate and commercial law, bankruptcy, debt recovery, and civil litigation.

At Saal & Associates, we consider each case as one of a kind. Because of this, we pay close attention and meticulously work with clients–whether they’re individuals, large corporations, or anything in between–throughout each case’s duration. We establish long-term relationships by providing exceptional legal service, reliability, and optimal results.

Here’s an overview of our services:

Construction law

We’ve handled cases that fall under various construction-related matters such as:

•   The Building and Construction Industry Payments Act (Qld) 2004

•   The Subcontractors Charges Act 1974

•   The Queensland Building Services Authority Act 1991

•   The Queensland Civil & Administrative Tribunal

We can also help you better understand pre-contractual rights and responsibilities, whether it’s an existing agreement or contract dispute.


We can assist you in buying or selling property. Should you decide to sell yours, our lawyers can:

•   Prepare your contract of sale.

•   Go over your contract if you already drafted one.

•   Make sure your property is settled on its agreed date in the contract.

If you’re buying property, our lawyers can:

•   Look into its contract before you sign.

•   Suggest stipulations and clauses that should be introduced into the contract, should it be necessary.

•   Make sure the property is settled on the agreed date in the contract.

Corporate, commercial, and property law

Our proficiency in commercial and corporate law includes:

•   Recommending company structures.

•   Stocks acquisition and distribution.

•   Buying and selling of a business.

•   Foreign investments in the country.

•   Provide legal advice on property development projects, management rights, residential property transactions, commercial leases, and many more.

Corporate insolvency and bankruptcy law

Here are a few examples of bankruptcy law issues we’ve successfully dealt with:

•   Preparing and serving statutory demands on a company.

•   Giving advice on the legality of statutory demands.

•   Giving advice on a company’s existing agreements.

•   Registering a previously de-registered company.

•   Preparing an individual’s bankruptcy notices.

•   Giving advice on a person’s rights and responsibilities during and after bankruptcy.

Debt recovery

We can help you retrieve funds from outstanding debts and carry out strategies to minimise their occurrence. Furthermore, we can:

•   Implement due diligence practices for businesses dealing with new customers.

•   Get a suitable guarantee from individuals/businesses so that payments for products/services are secured.

•   Get a Mareva order to freeze the assets of an insolvent debtor.

Civil and commercial litigation

We have litigation experience in various court jurisdictions such as the Queensland Supreme Court, NSW Supreme Court, Federal Court of Australia, and the High Court of Australia. Before we pursue legal action, however, we believe in resolving issues through dispute resolution.

For more information about our firm and our services, please contact us by phone, email, or through our online enquiry form. 

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