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Private and Commerical Investigations by Professional Investigators

As an investigation and security team we pride ourselves on being an honest representative of the wider community and we employ and utilise the services of lateral thinking and factual members of this community

Our factual services include:


  • Personal Injury investigations
  • Travel Claims investigations
  • Fraud investigations
  • Workplace investigations
  • Public Liability investigations
  • Investigation report consultations


  • Corporate investigations
  • Ethical and Misconduct Investigations
  • Information breech investigations
  • Trademark Infringement investigations
  • Confidential and Pertinent Meeting; impartial monitoring and transcription
  • Small / Medium Business internal theft investigation
  • Small / Medium Business internal misconduct investigations
  • Small / Medium Business internal grievance/ harassment and bullying investigations
  • Small / Medium Business internal safety investigations
  • Small/ Medium Business internal productivity and KPI investigation
  • Employee performance review investigations
  • Employment contractual and dispute investigations
  • Pre-Employment investigations
  • Due diligence investigations
  • Investigation and Interview transcription
  • Investigation report consultations

Non Commercial

  • Private and domestic factual investigations
  • Locate (person and assets) investigations
  • Privacy and confidentially breech investigations
  • Individual bullying and harassment investigations
  • Electronic bullying and harassment investigations
  • Institutional and Educational bullying and harassment investigations

Our surveillance services include:


  • Workplace Health and Safety investigations
  • Public Liability investigations
  • Fraud investigations


  • Due diligence investigations
  • Commercial counter-measure investigations
  • Operations activity investigations
  • Risk management investigations
  • Undisclosed activity investigations

Non Commercial

  • Domestic and Family Law related investigations
  • Criminal activity investigations
  • Residential activity investigations
  • Domestic relations activity investigations

*We do not under any circumstances utilise the services of GPS tracking for domestic, family law or criminal investigations.

Furthermore the only investigations which we will incorporate GPS tracking are those of commercial and productivity investigations.

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