Alexander Maroulis

Alexander Maroulis



Alex completed his law degree at the University of Adelaide in 1982. He then worked at the Law Society of South Australia in the area of professional conduct and practice. Between 1985 and 1996, Alex was employed as a Federal Prosecutor in South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. During this period of employment, Alex became particularly skilled in conducting major and complex prosecutions. In particular Alex conducted the largest of the so called “bottom of the harbour” prosecutions and the largest drug importation case in Australia at that time.

Alex also was the principal prosecutor in charge of all significant medical and immigration prosecutions in Australia.

While in the employ of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, Alex pioneered the application of technology in court, which has been applied throughout Australia and many other countries.

In the last two years, Alex has worked in private practice and has applied the skills he developed as a prosecutor as a criminal defence lawyer. Over this time, Alex has also expanded his practice to include employment law, contracts and property leasing.


In 2007 Alex completed his Graduate Diploma in Migration Law and Practice from the Australian National University. Although Alex was born in Australia he is bilingual in English and Greek. His family arrived in Australia from Greece after the civil war and he is very sympathetic to the challenges of new immigrants to this country. Between his employment as a Federal Prosecutor and his employment as a private solicitor, Alex set up a family fashion business that has now expanded throughout South East Asia as well as Australia. Alex has always been a high achiever and has held a number of positions including President of the Law Students, Member of the Australia Day Committee in SA, Member of the Eastern Community Health in SA.