Avinash Singh

Avinash Singh


Criminal Lawyer


(Barrister & Solicitor)

Mr Avinash Singh is a highly astute criminal defence lawyer who is experienced in a range of criminal and traffic cases.

Avinash regularly represents clients in a range of local court cases, including:

  • drink driving & traffic cases,
  • assaults & AVOs, and
  • drug possession & small-scale drug supply.

He is committed to obtaining outstanding outcomes for clients and often succeeds in getting cases dropped before they reach defended hearings or jury trials.

He is also experienced in preparing serious criminal cases for jury trials and in assisting our Criminal Defence Barristers during those trials.

His thorough preparation frequently includes:

  • Obtaining reports from forensic and medical experts,
  • Preparing and issuing u2018subpoenau2019 to obtain materials that police etc are unwilling to produce,
  • Undertaking physical examination of incident scenes and proposed exhibits,
  • Carefully scrutinising all available materials to find weaknesses in the prosecution case, and
  • Comprehensively briefing our Senior Criminal Lawyers and Barristers.

Avinash u2018leaves no stone unturnedu2019 in ensuring that our valued clients are placed in the best possible position for their District & Supreme Court trials.

Avinashu2019s dedication and professionalism have made him an invaluable member of Sydneyu2019s best criminal defence team.