Carly Price

Carly Price


I started my career as a science educator, having studied a double degree in Science and Education. I took on the challenge of starting my career teaching in the country, then moving to back to Perth. I taught almost exclusively upper secondary Chemistry and then later Physics.

As my chemistry studies involved an analytical and forensic chemistry focus, I have always had a great interest in the field of forensic science; throwing in anatomy and physiology study for good measure, just because I love the field of science.

I realised that I wanted to explore other career options, after teaching for a few years and made a change into the accounting field as an education consultant, where I dealt exclusively with client liaison and the Australian Tax Office.

After a long and hard thought process, I decided that I wanted to move into the legal field; and so I find myself in the privileged position of being part of the team at Fordham & Roast.