Charles Letts

Charles Letts


Family Lawyer

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A firm believer in the benefits to clients of out of Court dispute resolution for both parenting and Family Law financial matters, Charles has been a collaborative practitioner for as long as he has been a lawyer.

Charles has a particular interest in finding out of Court solutions for separating clients that meet their practical needs as well as legal rights and set them on a positive path to their new future

Understanding his clientu2019s goals and interests beyond the immediate family law situation is an essential part of Charlesu2019 approach, as is a focus on lasting and viable solutions.

As part of his experience at BFLC, Charles has also worked closely with Clarissa Rayward, Director, in her work as an Independent Childrenu2019s Lawyer in complex parenting Court proceedings.

Charles often wakes up far too early and spends many of his mornings before work cycling. He is also a season ticket holder at the Brisbane Roar and really enjoys the Brekky Wrap from next door at Ma Belle Amie.