Christine Beshay

Christine Beshay


Senior Associate Compensation Solicitor


Christine Beshay took up Psychology at the University of Sydney in 1998, then went on to finish her Bachelor of Laws degree in 2001. Her study of the human mind has given Christine a better understanding of behaviour and has lent her a stronger sense of empathy when communicating with clients, especially those dealing with pain related to loss. Christine shares that she feels truly gratified when her clients receive the compensation they’re justly entitled to, after she gives each case her all.

Among Christine’s strong qualities include her abilities to carefully pay attention to her client’s needs, reasonably evaluate if it can be carried out through the legal system, and then communicate this to the client in a clear and straightforward manner. These make her an integral part of the firm.

Christine specialises in medical law, specifically cases that have to do with childbirth. Most of her clients are those who have endured injuries or illnesses due to medical negligence. Because of her accreditation as a Personal Injury Specialist from the Law Society of New South Wales, Christine is an established expert in her field.

Even with her specialisation, Christine relishes the wide variety of challenges she faces in her work, particularly when it comes to solving different kinds of problems. Christine attends rigorous training on a regular basis to make sure she remains knowledgeable in case law and the legislative developments in her field. This ongoing instruction also allows her to stay on top of her game.