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Craig Ellison


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Craig Ellison is a well-known Western Australian business identity with a background over 10 years spanning Sales Leadership & Operational Management, Learning and Development, IT&T and Business Marketing. Craig constantly seeks to innovate new ways to value add to his clients and business partners he enjoys nothing more than being told u00e2u20acu0153its not possibleu00e2u20acu009d. Craig brings a wealth of understanding of the challenges presented to Western Australian businesses to attract, retain & manage staff cost effectively in a market dominated by the Mining and Resources industry. Assisting organisations to overcome the constant issue of skill shortages is a key business driver for him, as is providing unparalleled service delivery allowing his clients to concentrate on core business functions. Craig holds an active interest in Technology as well as the Perth ICT community, is an avid social media networker and he currently manages WAs largest ICT community group on LinkedIn.