David Cossalter

David Cossalter


Compensation Solicitor


David Cossalter finished his degree in Master of Law and Legal Practice in 2007. After working at major law firms and observing their profit-driven focus, David decided to take his skills to GMP because he wanted to stay in an organisation that works towards getting the highest possible benefit for their clients.

David’s areas of expertise mainly involve claims for public liability, vehicular accidents, and contested wills. He is particularly determined to advocate for people who have been harmed because of negligence, especially in claims made against profit-driven insurance companies and corporate heavyweights that treat people unfairly.

David has an outstanding track record, particularly when it comes to insurance claims and contested wills. Out of the hundreds of cases that David successfully brought to court, one case comes to mind: while Thompson v Bathurst Regional Council was successful at trial, the defendants kept appealing until it reached the High Court of Australia. Despite the odds, David and his team successfully defended every appeal and still managed to get the client 85 per cent of the total damages awarded. Remarkably, all seven judges that heard the case agreed with David’s client.

David shares: ” I like to ensure that those who are in need receive what they deserve. I do not like dealing with claims that are clearly established to obtain a financial gain. If a person is in need or disadvantaged because they have been injured by someone elseu2019s negligence, I will do everything in my power to fight for them.”

David is fluent in Italian, which should be beneficial to clients who have some difficulty communicating in English.

David loves to travel, play poker with friends, and eat good food. He is also a football enthusiast.