David Papallo

David Papallo


Lawyer & Practice Manager

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David is currently the practise manager and is being mentored by his father, Nicholas Papallo, to not only carry on the running of the practice but also to continue the high standard of personalised service of clientele that has seen N J Papallo Lawyersthrive for nearly50 years. Prior to Davids admission as a Lawyer of the Supreme Court in 2005, he worked in the practice as a paralegal for nearly 10 years. During this time he built the foundations for a solid and varied knowledge of the Law and legal issues. Davids areas of practice include Property, Commercial & Business Law, Debt Recovery, and Wills & Probate. His strength, and moreover his passion, is in the area of Estate Planning. Davids keen interest in Estate Planning has made it possible for him to develop a broad network of professionals that utilise each other skills and experiences to stay up-to-date with the most effective and current strategies available in this area. Davids life experiences and outgoing personality has been instrumental in the development of his strong interpersonal skills. His keen understanding of client issues coupled with his genuine empathetic nature has been a winning combination in the servicing of our clients needs and providing the confidence that clients seek in often troubling situations.