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Dominic joined our firm specifically for service provision under our new service banner, u00e2u20acu0153Operating in the Carbon Constrained Economyu00e2u20acu009d. His background in related issues dates back as early as 2001, and spans across the disciplines of law, economics, finance, science and technology.Dominic holds a Bachelor of Laws and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, and is an admitted solicitor in New South Wales. He also holds a Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in economics), was one of the first students to obtain Certificates in Carbon Accounting and Carbon Accounting for Forestry Sequestration from the National Centre for Sustainability, and more recently he completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Energy and Environment (Global Warming and Climate Science). As a result, apart from legal services, Dominic is competent in financial and economic modelling, computer and environmental modelling, policy critique and analysis, atmospheric and earth system science and renewable energy and carbon abatement technologies, enabling him to provide a superior level of understanding and efficiency to clients operating in related fields.We are confident that Dominic is well placed to provide superior services to our clients in this area. He has had extensive experience in legal and commercial advisory, ranging across most (if not all) of our new service subgroups; has remained at the cutting edge of legal, regulatory, political, scientific and technological developments in this field, both domestically and abroad; and has delivered exceptional and innovative services and products to a variety of notable clients. He has also built and maintains an impressive contact base in the private, Government, scientific and academic sectors.These factors, and his rare, multi-disciplinary and valuable skills and experience, make Dominic somewhat of a specialist in this field, and we are happy to offer holistic and unrivalled services to clients operating in the carbon constrained economy as a result. Please do not hesitate to contact Dominic for anything of interest.E: dgreen@jacksonlalic.com.aurnP: (02) 9262 1770