Elizabeth Wye

Elizabeth Wye


Criminal Lawyer


B.A., J.D., M.Strat.PR., G.D.L.P. (Solicitor and Barrister)

Elizabeth was trained by the lawyers at Sydney Criminal Lawyers for over a year before becoming a member of our Criminal Defence Team.

During her time in training, Elizabeth completed her Practical Legal Training and gained invaluable experience working in criminal law.

She is a committed and dynamic individual, passionate about protecting the rights of others in the criminal justice system. She has particular interest in Social Justice, Apprehended Violence Orders, Traffic and Drink Driving cases.

Elizabethu2019s experience ranges from appearing in Local Court criminal and traffic matters to assisting Senior Defence Lawyers to prepare for complex trials, including fraud, assault and break and enter cases.

Her attention to detail and thorough preparation of cases ensures that clients are in the best possible position when their matters ultimately reach trials or defended hearings.

Elizabeth is experienced in:

  • Appearing in court for u2018mentionsu2019
  • Meticulously examining evidence to find deficiencies in the prosecution case
  • Liaising with clients, police prosecutors and prison security services
  • Comprehensively briefing and assisting experts, medical practitioners, Senior Lawyers and Barristers
  • Undertaking extensive legal research

Clients benefit from Elizabethu2019s in-depth knowledge of the criminal law, her highly astute research skills and her dedication and commitment to each and every client.

These factors, as well as her passion and drive, make Elizabeth a valuable member of the team at Sydney Criminal Lawyers.