Gabriel MacKenzie

Gabriel MacKenzie


Senior Immigration Lawyer


Gabriel is a senior lawyer with over 16 years experience across a range of areas including civil, criminal and migration law. Gabriel has worked for the New South Wales Crown Solicitoru2019s Office where she regularly provided advice to the State Government of New South Wales on contentious legal problems.

Gabriel has also been a solicitor with the Legal Aid Commission providing Criminal Law services, and also with the Prisoners Legal Service, the Aboriginal Legal Service and the Western Aboriginal Legal Service.

We are proud to work with a lawyer of such experience and dedication to assisting those with difficulty in accessing legal representation.

Gabriel knows how Government departments operate. Her experience in Government legal practice and as a migration lawyer gives her an understanding of what the Department of Immigration is looking for, and the ability to present arguments that will give you the best chance of success with your visa application.

A large part of her practice is devoted to assisting clients who have received negative decisions from the Department of Immigration and she regularly appears before the review Tribunals set up under the Migration Act



  • Registered Migration Agent Number 9801127