George Cham

George Cham


Compensation Solicitor


George Cham is a Compensation Lawyer at Gerard Malouf and Partners. He became a solicitor after accomplishing his SAB Diploma in Law in 1998. George started his legal career in conveyancing, then eventually expanded into criminal law, debt recovery, family law, and general law practice.

George started his practice in the field of workers’ compensation and work injury damages in early 2000 and remained there after being promoted to leadership roles in two prominent personal injury law firms.

Because he was raised in a family of blue-collar workers, George is able to instinctively connect with clients from a similar background. Because of this connection, George strongly believes in social justice, and makes every effort to fight for it in his career.

George is a huge fan and practitioner of boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and mixed martial arts. He has actually trained students in boxing and has competed in the past.

George also speaks other languages, including Arabic.

Even with his various hobbies and activities, George’s foremost love is his family.