Jonathan (Jono) Davis

Jonathan (Jono) Davis



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Jonathon (u00e2u20acu0153Jonou00e2u20acu009d) Davis has specialised in the areas of criminal law and litigation for period of over 8 years. He originally practised on the Gold Coast for McLaughlin Solicitors, and subsequently for Ryan & Bosscher Lawyers, as a criminal lawyer. Over that period he developed one of the largest, if not the largest, criminal practice on the Gold Coast.Jono has been heavily involved in community based organisations, providing support and advice to all types of community based organisations. He has significant knowledge and experience in juvenile justice and was one of the main providers of private representation to children on the Gold Coast. He still maintains a high level of interest in this area. In 2005 he joined Robertson Saxton Primrose Dunn to head up their criminal and general litigation practices. His background not only equipped him as an excellent criminal lawyer but honed those less tangible communication and negotiating skills which he now brings to bear in the civil arena. Known for his booming voice and confident style, u00e2u20acu0153Jonou00e2u20acu009d (as he is known to most clients) believes careful preparation and client responsiveness is important to his never-say-die approach. He is available day or night to meet even the most urgent need, (except when he is training in the pool or attending a match with the Sydney Swans).