Julie Baqleh

Julie Baqleh


Senior Associate Compensation Solicitor


After completing her degree in Bachelor of Law and Commerce in 2001, Julie Baqleh immediately started working as a solicitor for Gerard Malouf and Partners. Due to her go-getting personality and smarts, Julie does not let any obstacles thwart her from getting just compensation for her clients. Another reason why Julie succeeds as a successful legal powerhouse is her innate ability to listen attentively and earnestly. The combination of these traits allows her to precisely determine the needs of her clients and consistently work towards a winning outcome.

Julie specialises in claims for medical and professional negligence, public liability, workers’ compensation, and vehicular accidents. One of the key factors that motivates Julie and gives her a strong sense of fulfilment in her career is achieving success for her clients. With her accreditation as a Personal Injury Specialist from the Law Society of New South Wales, Julie is an established expert in her field.

Julie loves sports, eating out with family and friends, travelling, and shopping.