Kathryn Meyers

Kathryn Meyers


Compensation Solicitor


Kathryn Meyers is a Compensation Lawyer at Gerard Malouf and Partners. She specialises in personal injury cases and has more than two decades of experience.

Kathryn first started working as a legal secretary while taking up her law degree part-time. This allowed her to gain plenty of practical experience as she studied the intricacies of the legal system.

Because she has worked for construction firms, insurance providers, local councils, maintenance contractors, and injured parties, Kathryn has a thorough understanding of various sides in every case. This makes her highly effective at what she does.

Furthermore, Kathryn possesses remarkable forensic abilities, which were developed when she worked as a factual investigator. During this time, Kathryn conducted in-depth interviews to get statements from employers, witnesses, and the injured parties themselves.

Kathryn’s skills encompass cases related to motor vehicle claims, public liability, and workers’ compensation, all of which took place in various courts throughout the country, including District Courts, Supreme Courts, and the Court of Appeal.

Throughout her legal career, Kathryn’s passion for helping others has fuelled her desire to work hard towards the best possible outcome for her clients. Combine this with her knowledge of how insurers strategise, and you will realise that Kathryn always holds a significant advantage, and this is why she consistently thrives.

During her leisure time, Kathryn enjoys playing the piano and flute, cooking gourmet meals, and spending time with her family and friends.