Kim Wiles

Kim Wiles


Managing Director


Being part of the industry for nearly 30 years, Kim Wiles has been a vital piece in the rise and evolution of Gerard Malouf and Partners. In the course of her notable career, she has succeeded in and refined every aspect of the profession.

In this day and age where careers are made in the course of many companies, Kim’s dedication to the firm is truly remarkable. She treats her clients with the same intrinsic ideals.

Because she meticulously understands her team’s responsibilities, Kim is a vastly knowledgeable and highly effective managing director. She is in charge of handling the professional requirements of legal representatives and support staff taking care of compensation claims. Because of this, Kim demands a high level of skill, effectiveness, and empathy from team members.

Despite not having formal legal qualifications; Kim does, however, offer something exceptionally valuable: an ability to establish the merits of claims in personal injury compensation cases, refined through decades of experience. Whatever the nature of your case–whether it is medical negligence, a vehicular accident, public liability, or any other similar legal concern, Kim can give you a comprehensive and professional assessment that will help you towards a favourable end result.

If you require assistance to better understand you claim or need reassurance about the strengths of your case, Kim is prepared and more than capable to lend you a hand. For problems that need to be addressed, you can get it touch with Kim and rest assured that it will be addressed right away for your peace of mind.