Matthew Caplicki

Matthew Caplicki


Compensation Solicitor


Matthew Caplicki is a Compensation Lawyer at Gerard Malouf and Partners (GMP). He accomplished his Juris Doctor degree at BrooklynLawSchool in Brooklyn Heights, New York. After passing the state bar exam in 2006, Matthew began his legal career by working for several major New York firms. His cases were mainly about class action suits, medical malpractice, and mergers and acquisitions. During this time, Matthew learned how to deal with severe caseloads and rigorous deadlines.

Matthew eventually switched to a more individual, client-focused practice when he started Caplicki Law Offices with his father, a lawyer with more than three decades of experience in real estate, personal injury, and criminal cases. Here, Matthew immediately enjoyed the personal, hands-on interaction with clients, which was considerably different from the anonymous practice that he was accustomed to in the major New York firms. For the next half decade, Matthew diligently represented clients he personally cared about and worked towards the outcome they were justly entitled to.

Matthew recently moved to Sydney and was keen on taking his talents and passion to GMP, which shares his beliefs in client commitment and care. Today, Matthew dedicates all his energies in GMP’s medical negligence cases. Matthew realised that while the legal terms used in Australia are somewhat different, the standards of equality and justice are the same no matter where you live.

When not staunchly fighting for the rights of his clients, Matthew enjoys snowboarding–so much so that he’s been an enthusiast for more than 20 years. He is also a huge Boston Red Sox fan (despite being from rival New York) and a New York Jets follower for as long as he can remember.