Mitchell Cavanagh

Mitchell Cavanagh


Accredited Criminal Law Specialist


LL.B., Dip. Prac. Management, Accredited Specialist (Criminal Law) (Barrister & Solicitor)

Mr Mitchell Cavanagh is a highly-respected In-House Special Counsel who takes on the firmu2019s most serious and difficult cases.

He has been involved in criminal defence since 1996 and has been recognised by the Law Society of New South Wales as an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist since 2005.

Mitchell has dedicated himself to criminal law for the entirety of his professional life spanning 18 years.

He commenced working as a law clerk with Queenslandu2019s largest criminal defence law firm in 1996.

He worked full time for the firm while completing his studies on a part time basis.

Mitchell is committed to engaging with every client to achieve the best result however challenging the circumstances, especially in serious & complex criminal cases.

Mitchell spends the time to investigate and obtain detailed information about criminal cases and empowers clients in conference with detailed, expert advice about the law and all available options.

He has extensive experience across every area of criminal and traffic law but is particularly outstanding in the thorough preparation and presentation of complicated defended hearings in the Local Court and jury trials in the District and Supreme Court.

His exceptional success rate in serious criminal cases is a product of his extensive experience, attention to detail, knowledge of trial tactics, strong work ethic and dedication to every case.

Mitchell graduated from the Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Laws degree in 1997. He then completed a Graduate Diploma in Law Practice Management.

He was admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland in February 1999 and has practised as a criminal defence lawyer since that time.

Just 6 months after his admission, he was entrusted with the task of establishing a new office at Maroochydore on Queenslandu2019s Sunshine Coast.

He ran and expanded that practice for a period of 4 years.

During that time he established and managed a consortium responsible for providing duty lawyer representation for the Legal Aid Commission in addition to maintaining a very busy private practice.

He moved to Sydney in August 2003 to establish a firmu2019s first practice in New South Wales.

He was admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales that same year and as as a solicitor of the High Court in 2008.

Mitchell was recognised as a Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law in October 2005, only 2 years after commencing practise in New South Wales.

Mitchellu2019s experience in the criminal jurisdictions of New South Wales and Queensland put him in a unique position to assist clients dealing with issues that cross State borders.

His passion for criminal justice system and commitment to protecting those who are subject to it extends beyond the practice of law.

He has worked as a volunteer with the Prisoners Legal Service, protecting and enforcing the rights of persons in custody.

He has also worked as a volunteer and then as the secretary of a community based organisation supporting those dependant on drugs.

That role involved him lobbying State and Commonwealth governments for reform of drug laws.

He is highly-respected amongst other lawyers and has been called upon to deliver speeches at law conferences.

Papers delivered at those conferences include:

Committal Proceedings u2013 Application to Cross-Examine Witnesses

Effective Advocacy u2013 Practical Tips

Defending AVO Proceedings

Computer Related Offences u2013 Child Pornography

Comparative Analysis u2013 The Criminal Law in New South Wales and Queensland

Mitchellu2019s 15 years of experience as as court lawyer mean that he regularly appear for clients in complex cases without them having to incur the additional expense of a specialised barrister.

If cases proceed to lengthy jury trials, he has the advantage of calling on long-standing professional relationships with skilled barristers and other experts best suited to the demands of each case.

What clients and others have to say about Mitchell Cavanagh:

u201cDear Mitchell & Staff, I would like to express to you and your staff my most sincere gratitude for the outstanding manner in which my court matters were handled. The professional service, skill, support and passionate efforts shown in your firmu2019s work must be commendedu2026Prior to your u201celeventh houru201d acceptance of my case, I suffered much confusion and frustration dealing with law firms that lacked the dedication and understanding that the complexities of my legal matters required. Although your preparation time was limited, after my initial consultation in your offices, the personable contact and attention to detail shown enabled me to rest assured everything possible was being done.u201d

u201cDear Mitchell, I have never experienced such a distressing occasion and am extremely grateful for your help. You handled the situation with admirable professionalism and unexpected care and compassion.u201d

u201cThe legal representation of young people on the Sunshine Coast will be greatly diminished by your leaving. It is always a delight (and surprise) to work with someone in the legal profession who has an understanding and a working belief of social justice, and you certainly displayed this each time you walked into court. Sydneyu2019s gain is obviously our loss.u201d u2013 [Juvenile Justice officer]