Richele Nelsen

Richele Nelsen


Compensation Solicitor


Richele Nelsen is a Compensation Lawyer at Gerard Malouf and Partners (GMP). She took up her combined Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Social Science degree and majored in Criminology at the University of Western Sydney, which she then finished in 2010. This fusion of knowledge has given Richele a deeper understanding of a wider spectrum of people, allowing her to better connect and identify with her clients and their circumstances.

Richele was no ordinary student; she achieved several notable accomplishments such as the de Groots award for exceptional results in Wills and Succession Law. Richele continues this history of excellence in her work as Compensation Lawyer at GMP.

One of Richele’s professional goals is to aid people who have been hurt or unjustly treated by getting them the just and favourable outcome that they deserve. Throughout her practice, Richele has determinedly worked towards getting successful results for each client she represents. She pledges to continue this throughout her career.

With the leadership and instruction of senior attorneys at GMP, Richele developed her expertise in various areas of law including motor vehicle accidents, public liability, wills, and workers’ compensation.

During her free time, Richele plays soccer and frequents the beach with her friends.