Sonia Collins

Sonia Collins


Legal Practitioner Director

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Sydney Family Law Speciualists was proudly opened in July 2013 by Legal Practitioner Director, Sonia Collins. Sonia is an accredited family law specialist and brings with her a wealth of family law experience to ensure that your rights are protected and that the best outcome is achieved.

Sonia graduated from the University of Sydney in 2003 with a Bachelof of Arts (Social Policy and Sociology) and Bachelor of Laws (Hons).

In November 2002 Soniaheld the position of Deputy Associate to a Federal Magistrate at the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia (now the Federal Circuit Court of Australia) where she undertook extensive leegal research on complex family law issues and gained asolid knowledge of the Family Law Act and family law practice and procedure.

Since her admission in 2004, Sonia has practised exclusivelyin family law and has worked for a variety of boutique family law firms, both in New South Walesand Western Australia. She has appeared in a variety of courts including the Family Court of Australia,the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, The Family Court of Western Australiaand the Local Court.

Sonia practises in all areas of family law and assists clients with the negotiaton and resolution of all family law matters including complex family law matters involving:


  • corporate, trust and partnership issues;
  • urgent parenting and property issues;
  • interstate and international relocation;
  • child abduction;
  • mental health issues; and
  • domestic violence.

Sonia has been involved as a mentor in the mentoring program run by the Law Society of New South Walesand regularly provides free legal education seminars to counsellors, psychologists and other health professionals.

Sonia is dedicated to providing a client focused and flexible legal service, which takes into consideration her clients individual needs. She is able to assist both privately funded and legally aided clients.