Stephen Ey

Stephen Ey


LLB. (Founding Partner)

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With over 30 years of criminal law experience Mr Stephen Ey is the Managing Partner and co-founder of Mangan Ey & Associates Pty Ltd. Admitted to the Supreme Court of South Australia in 1978 he has practiced exclusively in criminal law ever since. Mr Ey has appeared as counsel in all jurisdictions including the Court of Criminal Appeal and the High Court of Australia. He has acted as counsel in countless trials including many high profile cases successfully securing acquittals or nolle prosequis (withdrawal of charges). He is highly regarded as leading one of the best criminal law firms in South Australia.Mr Ey served on the Criminal Law committee from 1985 until 1998. Mr Ey has represented Australia in the Jessup Memorial Mooting Competition in America in 1978 and also enjoys passing on his knowledge and expertise when invited to guest lecture at the University of South Australia to students studying criminal law.A shrewd negotiator, with a no nonsense approach, you can be confident in obtaining the appropriate result, whether it be an acquittal of the charge, the charge being withdrawn, downgraded, or the minimum penalty imposed.