Steven Sue

Steven Sue


Senior Immigration Lawyer


Steven is a lawyer and a migration agent. In addition to his Bachelor of Laws, Steven holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and a Bachelor of Commerce in marketing management. After practising as a solicitor in New Zealand and Hong Kong in intellectual property law, Steven settled in Sydney in 2004 and now practices immigration law.

Before joining us, Steven worked in a specialist immigration law firm in Sydney which handled many difficult cases. Steven has assisted numerous people to successfully remain in or migrate to Australia based on their skills or ties to an Australian permanent resident or citizen.

Steven has an excellent track record in assisting those applying for:


  • family stream visas, such as a partner visa, (including de facto and same-sex couples);
  • skills-based visas;
  • visas where the applicant has been living in Australia with no visa for several years but is now in a relationship with an Australian;
  • Ministerial intervention, or waiver of the health criteria for issue of a permanent visa;
  • a visa for a carer to look after a family member living in Australia; and
  • visas based on humanitarian (refugee) grounds.

Steven has appeared before the Migration Review Tribunal and the Refugee Review Tribunal and also attended hearings as part of the Refugee Status Assessment process.

Steven enjoys the challenge of immigration law. He is very approachable and likes meeting and assisting people from diverse backgrounds.



  • B.A. (University of Otago)
  • B.Com. (University of Otago)
  • LL.B. (University of Auckland)
  • MARN 0601750