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Ugur Nedim



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B.A., LL.B., G.D.L.P., LL.M., Acc. Spec. (Criminal Law) (Barrister & Solicitor)

Mr Ugur Nedim is the Principal of Sydney Criminal Lawyers.

He has a distinguished career as an exceptional criminal defence lawyer and has been recognised by the Law Society of NSW as an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist for a decade.

Mr Nedim commenced his criminal defence career in 1992 as a law clerk with specialist criminal law firm Brezniak Neil-Smith and Co, under the mentorship of legendary criminal defence lawyer Angus Neil-Smith (now retired).

He excelled academically u2013 completing a combined Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Arts degree, then a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice and finally a Master of Laws degree at Sydney University achieving a rare u2018high distinctionu2019 grade average.

He commenced practising as a courtroom criminal defence lawyer for prominent criminal law firm Freemans in late 1998; independently representing clients in a range of criminal & traffic cases such a drink driving, assaults, AVOs, fraud and all types of drug cases.

He regularly conducted difficult & complex defended hearings and appeals, achieving an outstanding success rate.

He started u2018Nedim Lawyers u2013 Criminal Defence Specialistsu2019 in 2001, which later became u2018Sydney Criminal Lawyersu2019.

Mr Nedim has represented clients in some of Australiau2019s highest profile and most difficult criminal cases, including:

  • Australiau2019s largest ever drug importation trial, which involved the importation of over $600 million dollars worth of heroin; all 3 clients found u2018not guiltyu2019.
  • Nearly 20 murder & manslaughter trials, including those arising from the 2003 u2018gangland warsu2019 in Western Sydney;
  • Over 100 serious criminal trials including dozens of sexual assault trials, commercial drug trials, complex fraud trials, grievous bodily harm, robbery, detain for advantage, intent to murder, dangerous driving occasioning death, proceeds of crime and various other trial matters;
  • Protecting client interests in all types of courts and tribunals, including ICAC, Crime Commission & Coroneru2019s Court;
  • Successful Appeals at every level u2013 from the Local Court, to hundreds in the District & Supreme Courts (including NSWCCA) all the way up to the High Court of Australia.

Mr Nedim is a dedicated, knowledgeable and persuasive criminal lawyer who is respected by magistrates, judges and prosecutors.

He fights hard to have cases u2018droppedu2019 and is consistently able to defend and win serious criminal cases that other criminal lawyers are unable to win (see Recent Cases).

Mr Nedim has conducted 3500+ local court cases over his career, with a particular emphasis on:

  • drink driving and major traffic offences,
  • drug possession & supply,
  • assaults and AVOs,
  • fraud & dishonesty offences, and
  • defended hearings, committal hearings, guilty pleas, bail applications and mental health cases.

However, he now focuses on serious crime, with a special emphasis on commercial drug cases, large-scale fraud, sexual assault, assault occasioning GBH and murder / manslaughter cases.

Mr Nedim is a true specialist because he has always practised as a criminal defence lawyer u2013 not a prosecutor, general lawyer or commercial lawyer, which have little relevance to high quality criminal defence work.

Being able to focus exclusively on defence has allowed him to develop specialised procedures, methods and techniques to win various types of criminal & traffic cases u2013 especially serious criminal cases.

He is respected for going the extra mile for clients, and his high-quality work is consistently praised by magistrates, judges and clients alike (see Client Testimonials).

With Mr Nedim, clients can rest assured of receiving the best defence whatever their particular criminal or traffic case.