Ulysses Coustas

Ulysses Coustas


Principal Solicitor

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Admitted to Practise in 1978, Mr Coustas established the firm in Bankstown in 1981 as a branch offfice of the Practise Walker Payne & Coustas. From 1984 the firm practised under the name Coustas & Co. In 2007 the firm opened an office in the Norwest Business Park (Bella Vista) and incorporated as Lexington Law Group Pty Ltd.Mr Coustas has assisted thousands of clients in the areas of Conveyancing, Personal Injury, Family Law, Criminal Law as well as Civil Litigation. He has acted for many companies and businesses and conducted complex Commercial matters including Commercial Litigation.Mr Coustas appears regularly as an advocate in the Courts and is well placed to assess the merits of matters.Although fluent in Greek, he has the ability to communicate effectively with persons from many social and ethnic backgrounds. He prides himself in providing accurate and understandable advice and cost effective legal representation.