Victor Berger

Victor Berger


Senior Partner & Registered Migration Agent

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Victor Berger joined the practice in 1969 and became partner in 1970. He concluded primary school in Moriah College at Bellevue Hill to 1956 and the College at the time then not providing secondary school (the first of six to have done so) his secondary education at Randwick Boys High School until 1962.He completed his Law studies at the Sydney University in 1968.He served the full term of his articles of clerkship with LLG Martin, a sole practitioner.He completed his Master of Law Studies and graduated on 14 May 2007.rnHe is an Accredited Business Law Specialist, covering all aspects of business including:rnr partnerships, companies, trust & joint ventures,r insolvency & turnaround management,r sale, purchase and lease of property and business, and business related questions,r succession planning, wills & estates.He is an Arbitrator in the Local, District and Supreme Courts, an Evaluator in the Supreme Court and a Mediator (accredited by LEADR & ACDC).Victor has been and continues to be a member of LEADR (In its NSW Chapter as Executive since 2003), the Australian Commercial Dispute Centre (ACDC), the Law Society of New South Wales (he is currently a member on the panel of the pro bono section), the Law Council and City of Sydney Law Society and as its President in 2004.rnVictor has had 40 years history of extensive charitable and communal work in mainly various parts of the Sydney Metropolitan Area.