Vrege Kolokossian

Vrege Kolokossian


Managing Partner


Lawyer and Senior Accredited Personal Injury Specialist Vrege (or Reg) Kolokossian has been in insurance litigation for more than three decades. Since Reg started his career working for insurance companies–first at the TAC in Melbourne and the GIO in Sydney–he acquired a comprehensive grasp of how insurance companies work, particularly the strategies they use. This knowledge helped Reg thrive and succeed in settlement negotiations for a long list of complex cases, cementing his reputation as an eminent compensation solicitor and advocate.

Today, he holds a senior leadership position in Gerard Malouf and Partners, managing a team of hard-working and highly accomplished compensation solicitors. As a member of various professional organisations like the Australian Lawyers Alliance, Reg is at the forefront of upholding the rights of clients throughout the country.

Reg is influential in establishing the firm’s regional offices in the East Coast, representing people with claims against insurance firms and helping them achieve the justice they deserve. Through the firm, he offered individuals expert service and provided a No Win, No Fee guarantee.

After his parents transferred to Melbourne when he was four, Reg grew up in Victoria, his home state. There, he played basketball and football, and avidly followed the Australian Football League, specifically his beloved Richmond Tigers.

Reg tied the knot with a New South Wales girl and relocated to Sydney, where he continued his distinguished career. He then joined Gerard Malouf and Partners in its early stages in August 1996. During this time, Reg and Gerard were the only two solicitors in the firm. Currently, Gerard Malouf and Partners employ a successful team of more than 60 members.

As a father of five and coach of the Kolokossian household basketball team, Reg is very involved in his children’s sports activities. Thus, it is no surprise that he is a natural in acting as a go-between when dealing with various people, whether it is his children, his neighbourhood sports teams, or his accomplished team of attorneys.

Reg shares that his biggest satisfaction, aside from looking after his children, is negotiating the best outcome for his clients as they make their claims against insurance providers.