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Wendy Hunt, an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law, who has been practicing in this area for the past 17 years is the driving force behind our Firm.

Wendy has been a member of the Westmead Hospital Legal Panel for over 16 years providing free legal advice to hospital patients. Only a small handful of solicitors in New South Wales were selected for their expertise and experience to provide this service. Wendy’s involvement in the Westmead Hospital Legal Panel has led to her development of close relationships with doctors, occupational therapists and other medical practitioners whom she is able to call on to provide expert medical advice and reports for clients. In addition, Wendy’s exposure to patients in the hospital has given her invaluable experience in recognising symptoms in clients that have yet to be diagnosed by doctors.

Wendy specialises in providing her expert legal advice to severely injured clients including those suffering from traumatic brain injuries and amputations as a result of their accident. On numerous occasions Wendy has recognised symptoms of brain injury and many other injuries which have been overlooked by doctors.

It is Wendy’s prior background as a social welfare worker that drives her compassionate approach towards clients coupled with her extensive legal knowledge, that allows her to look for the true value of the case and includes home visits, talking to family and friends of the injured person.