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Robertson Conveyancing is Fully Licensed under the Conveyancers Act 2006.

  • Buying

We recommend that you contact us BEFORE you sign anything in relation to your offer to purchase a property.

This enables us to undertake a pre-perusal of the vendor’s documentation and to provide you with specific advice regarding the property you are looking to buy.

We can also provide you with pre-purchase and general information that will assist you in buying your property.

  • Selling

Once you are ready to sell your property your real estate agent will require a Section 32 Vendor Statement and Contract. This documentation is prepared by your conveyancer.

This document will contain information about the property which you as an owner are obliged to disclose under the Sale of Land Act to any prospective buyer. This document must be provided to a buyer prior to the buyer signing a Contract.

If you are selling your property by auction, the Vendor Statement must include a full set of property enquiry certificates.

If you are selling your property privately, it is still always advisable to include a full set of property enquiry certificates in the Vendor Statement however you may instruct that not all certificates be obtained and this is commonly referred to as a “shortform” Vendor Statement.

It is important to remember that these certificates include a lot of information, much of which must be disclosed to a prospective buyer under the Sale of Land Act. Should you not disclose all of the required information, you may be giving the buyer a right to avoid the Contract and/or a claim for damages.

  • Transferring

A common conveyancing transaction is the transfer of title ownership from one party to another.

This is usually a non arms length transaction between family members, spouses or husbands and wives.

Sometimes there are duty implications on these transfers so please contact us if you require further information.

  • Refinancing

Are you re-financing your property or properties?

Sometimes, your new financier will appoint a solicitor or agent to prepare the mortgage documentation and facilitate the settlement.

In this event, you may find it helpful to have some assistance from your end of the transaction and there may be several issues which will need attention by you including answering requisitions, providing necessary searches and certificates and attending final settlement to collect surplus funds.

It is also important to know that most lenders will not check figures with you before effecting settlement. This means that if your existing bank or lender mis-calculates the payout figure on your loan, you could be left having to chase a refund or worse, your settlement may be cancelled due to insufficient available funds.

For further information, please phone today or see our website.

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