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“Finding solutions outside the square”, Wade Lawyers is a boutique legal firm situated on the outer fringe of the Melbourne CBD.

Wade Lawyers is a boutique legal firm situated on the outer fringe of the Melbourne CBD.

At Wade Lawyers we understand that each client, whether you are an individual, small business or company is unique.

Because you are unique we understand all needs are different, that is why we are committed to working hard to find the right solution for you.

Whether we are assisting you with commercial advice, employment or media law, drafting a contract, assisting with a dispute or traffic matter we promise to provide you with the best legal assistance each and every time.


Our Services include


Whether you are a small business or a Director of a national company, legal issues can arise at any time.

At Wade Lawyers we are here to assist you when they do. We also encourage our clients to engage in preventative action and always emphasis the necessity of a structured contract which is beneficial to both parties, versus unnecessary disputes and court action.

Principal, Sarah Wade B.A LL.B can assist you with your concerns or just have a chat with you in relation to:

  • Employment law
  • Employment contracts
  • Business/Company Law
  • Transport Industry matters
  • Leases (Commercial)
  • Defamation matters



Any dispute is unpleasant and most of us just want to move on in the most efficient way possible.

That is what Wade Lawyers strive to achieve on your behalf. We know better than most the cost of lengthy legal arguments, the time, money and anxiety it causes you, further, there is never any guarantee of a win/win situation for you or the other party.

This is why we at Wade Lawyers try to settle your disputes as early as possible through negotiations and mediation.

Unfortunately there are times when matters are unable to be resolved at the mediation or negotiation stage and court action is the only option available.

Sarah Wade B.A LL.B is not a stranger to the court room representing clients in actions ranging from Supreme, County and Magistrates’ Court including:

  • Employment law
  • Defamation action
  • Medical Negligence/ Animal cases
  • Trade Practice Act
  • Transport Industry
  • General disputes



Sarah Wade has extensive experience as an advocate representing clients in the Magistrates’, Children’s’ and County courts.

She has sound knowledge and experience in road and traffic law and will strive to achieve best possible outcome on your behalf.

Often clients believe they have no defence when they are charged with a traffic or road offence, however this is not always the case.

Sarah will talk to you about what happened, read all relevant police documents and look to see if there is a defence which could assist you, particularly if you are charged with exceeding .05 or using illicit drugs whilst driving.

Sarah’s core areas of expertise include:

  • Exceeding .05
  • Speeding offences – exceeding 25km or more
  • Hoon Driving
  • Careless driving
  • Dangerous driving

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