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Sydney based firm of IP specialists with professional qualifications and expertise in Patents Designs Trade Marks Copyright Domain Names IP

1 Place Patent Attorneys & Solicitors are: Unique among IP professional service providers.There are very few practising patent attorneys in Australia who are also practising as lawyers. In addition to prosecuting IP applictions, we are skilled at preparing evidence, advising on a wide range of legal issues, preparing and negotiating commercial agreements. We are registered as a multidisciplinary law practice with the Law Society of NSW. Experienced in research and industry beyond the law (biomedical research, pharmaceutical, information technology and publishing industry) and as in-house counsel. We have held management roles in industry and understand business drivers as people who have been in the position of making business decisions. Creative We enjoy creative pursuits and have worked in a creative capacity / roles to generate IP. We understand what it means to create IP. We approach our work with clients as part of the creative process. Nimble by virtue of our size. We have all worked in big corporate law and IP attorney firms. We have embraced technology, such that we have all the resources. We are swift and efficient. Passionate about IP. We have many years of IP legal experience but we do not just practise in the area. We have all studied IP to post-graduate level and love our respective areas of IP. We know our stuff.

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