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My father was a Barrister and acted in more then 200 murder trial – Crime is in my blood. – FIRST RULE ZIP THE LIPS.

My father was a Barrister and acted in more then 200 murder trial- crime is in my blood.


When Persons of Interest are been questioned, the Police Officer police is not asking questions because they enjoy the mateship of the Persons of Interest, rather the Police want to nail the Persons of Interest to the scaffolding to ensure a conviction, and in most cases the evidence required to obtain a conviction spills from the mouth of the person of interest.

A talkative Persons will swiftly move :

  • From a person of interest.
  • To Charged Defendant.
  • To Convicted Criminal.

Avoid self incrimination and providing evidence to the police.

Avoid giving the police information to test your veracity and truthfulness.

The First rule:

A Persons of Interest should provide the police only with his or her :

  • Name:
  • Address:
  • Identity:
  • And decline to answer any further questions until receiving Legal Advise.

Second Rule:

Never be your own Lawyer.

Many people are arrested and charged, not with one offence but a series of criminal offences and they are shocked when this happens.

Over the years I have performed home :

  • Painting:
  • Plumbing:
  • Electrical:
  • And carpentry work just to name a few.

It was invariably a disaster. My attempt was woeful and invariably needed costly rectification leaving aside the time and inconvenience.

I am a Criminal Lawyer and an experienced tradesman, but not a painter ,plumber, electrician or carpenter

When a person is charged with a criminal offence it is a very stress time.

A good Lawyer will protect his client from self incrimination.

A good Lawyer can make representations to the Commissioner of Police that a charge should be withdrawn or reduced to a lesser charge.

A good lawyer can explain the Court process that a client is about to embark upon.

A good lawyer will defuse some of the stress that a client is going through.

A good lawyer will protect his client and act as a buffer zone with the police.

A good Lawyer knows where he is going and how to get there.

A good Lawyer knows when to ask a question and when not to ask a question.

A good Lawyer knows that the Police have to prove their case beyond all reasonable doubt.

A good Lawyer does not inadvertently prove the Police case-many times it is the missing evidence and the question which is not asked which wins the day.

Generally the problem is created right at the beginning when being interrogated by the police. Avoid giving the Police free goals.

Call me day or night to avoid this pitfall!

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