wills and estates

A Pet Legacy for Peace of Mind

It has become increasingly acknowledged that there are enormous benefits to pet ownership, especially for the elderly or those living on their own. Pets help to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase physical activity and social interaction. However, pet ownership also comes with a myriad of responsibilities and as an elderly owner’s health and their… Read more »

Estate Planning – Why it’s time to act

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How to apply to the Court for protection on behalf of a person who has lost capacity

The New South Wales Succession Act (“the Succession Act”) and associated regulations allows for an application to be made to the Court for protection of a person who has lost testamentary capacity. An order can only be made if the person who has lost capacity is alive at the time the order is made by… Read more »

Left Out of a Will

The following case study is from a Sydney Law Firm specialising in Will Disputes.   The main points of this case are:- When one parent remarries and leaves the estate to the new spouse. Power of Attorney sells home and buys a new home in his name only. Children could not claim on their mothers’ house as… Read more »

Gay Relationships – Am I Entitled To Anything?

I was in a gay relationship and my partner died. We didn’t have Wills in place and had only been together for 18 months. Am I entitled to any of his possessions? You may be entitled to your partner’s possessions depending on the circumstances surrounding your relationship and whether your partner had any children. In… Read more »