Changing a Will

Wills are often constructed well before a person dies.  How do I change a Will? What do I do?As such, in the time between the original composition of the Will and death, it is likely that circumstances will arise that impact the conditions of the original document.  This may include items being sold off that were originally listed as assets.

Even though circumstances may have impacted the Will, the document remains valid as of the date of the signing (unless it is changed via a specific process).  

Essentially the will itself cannot be altered in any way unless each alteration is signed off on by the testator and the two original witnesses.  This is a feasible solution if there are just minor alterations that need to be made, however if there are large portions that need to be amended there are other, more viable options.  These include:-

  1. Making a new Will – If a new Will is made it effectively revokes any previous Wills.
  2. Making a codicil to an existing Will – A codicil is an addition to an existing will that also affirms the validity of the rest of the will.  Codicils are typically utilized for more minor changes.
  3. Destroying the Will, with the intention to revoke – This action will effectively revoke the Will, but another must be made to replace it.


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