Finding a Will

How do I find a Will? What do I do?Finding the last Will of a loved one can be a difficult task, and can represent an added layer of emotional stress in an already difficult time.  Fortunately there are services available that can help you locate a Will so that you and your family can focus all your attention to celebrating the life of your loved one.

Should you need to locate a Will, whether it be to investigate ancestry lineage or close out an estate, consider utilizing the following resources:

  1. There is a Public Trustee service in each state and territory of Australia.  Each Public Trustee maintains a wills database that might hold the will of your deceased loved one.  Your lawyer can quickly guide you through this process.
  2. There are independent companies that can conduct a will search, however these services can at times be cost prohibitive.  It is typically advised to utilise your Trust & Estate Lawyer to conduct the search as they have ready access to a number of wills databases and have a pre-established relationship with the family.
  3. If you are unable to locate the will through these search services, there is a possibility that the will is simply being housed elsewhere.  Did the deceased have a safety deposit box that might contain the will or a close friend to whom they entrusted this important document?

We understand that this is a difficult task to complete.  There’s a certain vulnerability you feel going through your loved ones files or boxes.

The idea of calling an institution or law firm may fill you with dread.

You don’t need to shoulder the burden of locating a will on your own.  The team at What do I do? can be extremely helpful in locating the will or putting you in touch with a suitable lawyer to help you through.

You can focus your energies on celebrating their memory rather than the being bogged down with logistics.

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